Architecture Trends 2018

5 Architecture Trends for 2018


2018 is an exciting year for architecture. As it continues to be innovative and creative, architecture will grow to reflect the environment and culture it is in, with a great emphasis placed upon natural living coupled with the very latest technologies.

Open plan

Open Plan Architecture Trends 2018

Image Source: Humble Homes | Architects: Estúdio BRA | Photos © Maíra Acayaba

Open plan living continues to be a huge trend in 2018. Open plan living encourages the social aspect of living and brings the whole family together. Architectural design will focus upon the importance of creating different living zones. This can be done via different floor levels, use of materials, and lighting within the space.


The spotlight on natural light

Natural Light Architecture Trends 2018

Image Source: Dezeen | Architects: DeDraft

The use of natural light in architectural design continues to develop and become ever more sophisticated. In 2018 natural light is a huge trend because it evokes feelings of wellbeing and calmness. Natural light is perfect for creating visual changes within the internal space throughout the day. This can be used with different interior colours to evoke a range of emotions and themes.


Outdoor living

Outdoor Living Architecture Trends 2018

Image Source: Techne Architecture + Interior Design

There will be an increased focus on outdoor living. Living spaces are now more informal than ever and have greater emphasis placed upon them, for both dining, entertainment and general use. The usual deck area will now be replaced with fully functioning rooms and eco-friendly materials.


Natural materials

Natural Materials Architecture Trends 2018

Image Source: DesignBoom | Architects: Pezo Von Ellrichshausen

2018 welcomes the introduction of new and innovative materials in the construction of buildings. Buildings can now be made from mud and natural wood alone. Traditional steel and concrete will be replaced with new and economic friendly materials that are just as adaptable and strong. This is a trend which is surely going to evolve and incorporate even newer materials.



Help to increase productivity

Increase Productivity Architecture Trends 2018

Image Source: design | Photos: Josée Marino Photographer

When it comes to the office and workplace architecture, then the smart office is the trend to look out for. This trend incorporates the use of collaborative spaces, productive individual workspaces and an increased efficiency for employees. It is also important that the space is a smartly designed space that incorporates the absolute best of modern technology.



2018 really is an exciting year to see emerging and innovative architectural trends.

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