Choosing Doorsets Top Questions You Should Ask

Choosing Your Doorsets: Top Questions You Should Ask

Selecting new doorsets for your application can prove difficult, there are so many factors which should be taken into consideration. These factors range from the compliance of the door with safety legislation and the inclusion of a manufacturer warranty through to the physical attributes including construction material to other factors such as the amount of acoustic restriction provided.

Often when embarking on a major project it will be your architect’s job to source and selected the doorsets which will be used. However, with so much resting on your doors it is best to go in prepared in order to avoid disappointment later. Therefore we have collected five questions that you should ask your architect before they select doorsets on your behalf.

Are the doorsets CE marked?

The CE marking is an obligatory quality standard, it means the products meet a certain standard of quality and consistency. Legally, all doorsets must carry this mark, however cheap replicas do still find their way into the market. Ensure you ask your architect to make sure that all doorsets that will be used bear this mark.

Will the doorset provider offer help following installation?

All too often, doorset providers will provide a doorset for an application and that is the end of the relationship as far as they are concerned. However you may have questions about the operation of your doorset following application. Therefore you should ask you architect to find a supplier who will provide continued assistance as and when required following installation.

Is it possible to view the doorsets before application?

Doorsets are often an integral part of an application, therefore it is important to get a feel of them before they are installed. Often this cannot be obtained from a catalogue, so ask your architect if it is possible to view your doorsets prior to application. This is a good approach as any problems can then be ironed out before it is too late.

How experienced are the doorset provider that is being used for the project?

It is important to use a company that has a continued record of high performance, beware of companies who are unable or unwilling to give a detailed history of their previous projects. In addition, the reliability of the company can be ascertained from a credit rating. It is best to begin using a company who you are confident can deliver to avoid disappointment later.

Can the doorset provider custom make the doorsets for the project?

Often a project will require specifically created doorsets that offer a specific utility in order to be of optimum effect following installation. Therefore you should ask your architect whether the company they have selected can provide custom made doorsets, if the company cannot, it may be best to select an alternative in order to avoid compromise on your project.

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