RW Joinery | Fire Door Installation: “I’ll get my guys to install them”

Fire Door Installation: “I’ll get my guys to install them”

When ‘the guys’ negate the fire certification

You’ve specified a fire door. You’ve agreed the fire and acoustic performance, the look and feel of the finish. You’re ready to have it installed on site.

And, now, the question is,

‘Who do I get to install it?’

Depending on your unique situation, you will have several options.

If you specify a fire doorset through a manufacturer who designs, manufactures, and installs them, then, of course, getting it installed through the manufacturer is by far the safest solution. Cradle to Grave certification. Perfect.

However, your manufacturer may not install or to save on budget you may be tempted to have the doorset installed by someone else, like one of your own contacts, for example…

So, if you’re going to take anything away from this blog post, please let it be this:

Getting a fire doorset installed by someone who isn’t appropriately trained will have a significant impact on the fire certification.

That’s right: You could have the most expertly engineered and beautiful looking fire doorset, but if incorrectly installed, it will not serve its primary purpose. Unfortunately, you might not know this until it’s too late.

Fire Door Installation: Who Should be Doing It?

The individual tasked with installing a fire door should have undergone appropriate fire door installation training, for example, the renewed Fire Door NVQ that was launched back in 2017.

Additionally, there are two leading UK Fire Door Schemes for installers: Firas and the BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Scheme – both of which provide independent reassurance to specifiers and purchasers that products are Installed in accordance with the strict guidelines of fire doorset manufacturer.

If installers haven’t been accredited to one of those schemes, you shouldn’t be using them to install your fire doorsets.

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Key Points to Remember When it Comes to Fire Door Installation

Speak to the manufacturer. They will provide complete and detailed reception, installation, and compliance guidelines.

The following list, taken from RW Joinery, outlines clearly some of the key things to remember when installing a fire doorset:

  • -Any individual fitting a fire door should be fully trained and competent to do so
  • -Look for a label or a plug to show that the door is certificated and check the instructions/certificate supplied
  • -Essential Ironmongery such as locks, latches, closers and hinges MUST be CE marked, firmly fixed with no missing screws and compatible with the door leaf’s certification.
  • -The gap between door and frame at the top and sides should be 3 mm and the threshold gap as per manufacturer’s instructions (typically around 3-10 mm) – the certificate will include details of this
  • -Ensure any voids between door frame and wall are tightly packed with the appropriate packing material.
  • -Once installed, check that the closer and other ironmongery shuts the door onto the latch from any position.
  • -Once complete use the manufacturers checklist to review the installation and ensure compliance.

Fire Door Installation and its role within the FDIS

The Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) – which is a joint scheme between the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) – sets out to inform people on why fire doors work and the potential dangers of getting it wrong.

Research carried out by the FDIS in 2020 highlighted some serious concerns around the installation of fire doors.

Alarmingly, 76% of fire doors inspected were condemned as ‘not fit for purpose’. The three main ‘condemned’ reasons were:

  • -Excessive gaps
  • -Issues around smoke sealing
  • -Poorly adjusted door closer


However, the biggest point in regard to this blog post is:

30% of fire doors inspected were condemned due to poor installation.

That’s right. Approximately 85%* of an installed doorset cost is the manufactured doorset and ironmongery but the 15% of installation cost could simply negate the complete doorset.

*Historic data costing from RW Joinery & RW Doorsets.

Conclusion: Get the Installation Right

Speak to the manufacturer. They will provide complete and detailed reception, installation, and compliance guidelines.

The installation of your fire door is as important as the product specification itself. Therefore, installation should only be carried out by someone who is competent, has been specifically trained and who understands their responsibilities in getting it right!

For a full, cradle to grave service, talk to an expert here at RW Joinery today. As specialists in the design, supply and installation of fire doorsets, we value compliance and the importance that fire door installation has on the overall result.

Download our Installation guide and get in touch today.

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