RW Joinery | Fire Doorset Procurement: An Argument for Buying Component Parts

Fire Doorset Procurement: An Argument for Buying Component Parts

We understand that, as a specifier, there is a need to make cost-savings where possible. When it comes to fire doorset specification, this will often mean considering purchasing component parts.

In this post, we’ll be exploring whether purchasing component parts is a good thing, and whether there are other, safer ways to make cost savings.

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Purchasing Component Parts for Your Fire Doorset

Fire doors are just one of a multitude of components that make up the entire doorset. Components such as the leaf, vision panel, doorframe and ironmongery combine to deliver the finished result.

In theory, each of these components can be purchased separately.

However, we strongly advise against this as the risk of error is high and the potential of failure catastrophic.  You will invalidate the fire certificate if you take away or specify a component incorrectly.

Here are just some key questions to ask yourself if considering going down this route:

  • -Are you qualified to split a doorset into its component parts and understand the mechanics of the fire certification and test evidence?
  • -Collectively will you be able to deliver a certified solution?
  • -Do you understand the mechanics of the door leaf and the specified requirements of the intumescent recipe and doorframe?
  • -Are you familiar with material densities and the adverse effect on fire performance?
  • -Can you measure and monitor the correct tolerances during manufacture and onsite assembly?
  • -Would you recognise the differences between essential and nonessential ironmongery and the function they provide during a fire?
  • -Will your Building Control Officer in the light of the Dame Judith Hackett and CIC Setting the Bar report accept anything less than a fully certified doorset solution?

These are just a few of the crucial questions you should consider.

In reality, there are a wide variety of issues to consider when buying component parts. These involve installation of vision panels, use of glazing beads, and even the angle of the fixing pin. You can read more on this in our recent blog post: The Impact Of Value Engineering In Fire Doorset Specification.

All or any of the above can negate certification.

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Purchasing Component Parts: Good or Bad?

In case it hasn’t been made clear so far, purchasing component parts for your fire doorset is always a bad thing.

When it comes to fire doorsets, seemingly minor inconsistencies could lead to deadly consequences.

Let’s look at other ways that you can make cost savings that won’t negate your fire certification…


Talk to us about alternative finishes. Hardwood for a polished doorframe can be the most expensive element of the doorset materials.

Veneer, laminate, impact vinyl, factory painted finish. Spending a little more on the finish within the factory is often offset by greater savings in site finishing, quality and programme

Ironmongery. Often over specified. Simple workable solutions are available.

Simple Design

If you keep your design simple, you may avoid the expense of any additional features, such as multi-vision panels, horizontal veneers or expensive ironmongery. Consider front and back of house as two complementary but different finishes.


When it comes to making cost-savings for your fire doorset, please avoid purchasing component parts, the initial savings are false in the longer term.

Instead, purchase your entire fire doorset from one trusted manufacturer. That way, you are guaranteeing a safe, compliant solution for users, remember they will only be tested once when lives will depend on them.

At RW Joinery, we specialise in the fire doorset system, that means endless testing, reviewing and updating certification and conforming to third-party auditors for verification, meaning you can be assured that you are achieving compliance for every component, every step of the way.

Download our Installation guide and get in touch today. If you’d like to partner with us on your next project, why not speak to one of our experts today? Or drop us a call on 0161 480 8722.

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