Health Sector Doorsets

Health Sector Doorsets

RW Joinery’s unique combination of expertise and health sector experience makes us perfectly suited for the provision of doorset solutions and products developed specifically to meet the requirements of this sector.

When developing and designing our health sector doorset products and solutions we pay close attention to the core requirements of these institutions and the legislative compliances which must be met.

One way in which we have achieved this goal with our range of dedicated health sector doorsets is through ensuring our product range is in line with the requirements outlined in NHS Health Technical Memorandum 58, otherwise known as HTM 58. The Memorandum states that, “The high performance standards required of door leaves, frames and ironmongery in health buildings can best be met when these components are accurately fitted and matched in a factory and delivered to site as a complete unit.”

One key development which has separated us from our competition is through the development of integrated doorsets. This integration involves viewing the separate facets which compromise the doorset, such as frames, ironmongery and the door itself, as a single entity. This approach has numerous advantages for health sector institutions. Primary of these is the peace of mind it provides our clients, in the knowledge that each of the components is not only compatible with the whole, but that it is also fit for purpose.

Providing integrated doorset solutions, also improves customer convenience as we provide a one stop shop for a doorset and all associated fittings. This adaptive approach has enabled us to develop strong working relationships with the health sector that span numerous years. A further factor which has made our offering appealing to the institutions of this sector is our hands on approach. We treat each institution in isolation and work closely with contractors, architects and other key groups involved in the project in order to assess which models from our doorset range offer the optimum solution to the specific situation.

In addition, we have a deep understanding of the varied and different doorset standard requirements for different sections of a health sector institution, such as a hospital, as outlined in HTM 58. To demonstrate, heavy duty, severe duty, high security duty, fire resistant and x-ray grades. The strenuous testing which each of our products is put through ensure that our doorsets not only meet these requirements, but in many cases exceed them.

For further information about our range of health sector dedicated doorsets, or to enquire about the model specifications which meet specific grade requirements as outlined by HTM 58, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling 0161 480 8722.

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