RW Joinery Made in Britain! What Does It Mean?

Made in Britain! What Does It Mean?

We are proud to say Made in Britain, proud that we haven’t taken our manufacture off shore and proud that the quality we produce is exceptional. But with so many others advertising on the back of ‘Made in Britain’ or helping out during the pandemic, is Made in Britain just a strap line?

To many people, Made in Britain is just a tag that is associated with a higher price tag for a product.

RW Joinery are passionate about the work we produce. Our aim has always been to produce the highest possible quality product available, to be measured against our competitors as the best. The best quality, best service and therefore the best value. In the UK we maintain an excellence in manufacture. We are unsurpassed, to do so we need to control every element of the process.

Our labour is local. Why? Because the less travelling time to and from work lightens the working day. We cherish our labour through training, mentoring and pastoral support.

We invest in them and they invest in us. Our staff turnover is minimal. The training and mentoring ensures their skill levels are exceptional.

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Our materials are sourced both nationally and internationally. Is this ‘Made in Britain’?

By not limiting ourselves to single source suppliers we are able to select FSC materials from a large range of suppliers. We mitigate the risk of limited supplies caused by pandemics, European holidays, over subscription and Brexit! The cost of transporting raw materials is significantly lower than transporting finished or assembled products.

But the final piece in the RW Joinery jigsaw of Made in Britain is the manufacture.

RW Joinery (Stockport) Ltd are certified to manufacture fire doorsets to the UK certification standard BS476 part 22. We understand the UK building regulations, the UK construction industry even the local dialects where components are called by different names!

Our sourced materials are brought together in the UK. They are quality checked before, during and after manufacture. We understand tolerances, working sizes and undercuts. We understand just in time deliveries, separate call offs and the limitations on the transport system. Our transport is matched to the load, not the vehicle available.

We understand that it is inevitable that an extra doorset is required in the last week of the job, the leaf that is damaged requires replacement before Practical Completion.

We can do this because we are local.

Made in Britain isn’t a strapline to enhance the cost; it is the opposite.

Our labour costs are directly invested back into the community, our material costs likewise or when procured from overseas are transported at the lowest possible cost and environmental impact. Our control of our own factory provides the maximum stability to production.

We are proud to say Made in Britain and will continue to support our community.

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Trusted and Accredited Manufacturers

  • CHAS Accredited Contractor
  • BM Trada Q Mark Certification
  • Constructionline Gold Member 2018
  • BWF Membership Certificate 2020

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