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4 Things Not to Miss When Specifying Apartment Doors

Doors are an everyday component; so much so that we rarely consider the intricacies and expertise that go into each doorset to ensure your safety, fire protection, acoustic performance and security....Read More

Apartment Fire Doors: Choosing your Finish

As a specifier, one of the most important aspects (outside of safety and compliance) is the overall look of your fire door, particularly if you’re aiming to create a bold, unique statement. Choosing...Read More

Making a Statement: Bespoke Apartment Building Doors

Architects and designers are constantly looking for ways to deliver bold statements on their projects, and a bespoke fire-rated doorset is just one of many ways in which this can be achieved. As more...Read More

What Are The Best Apartment Door Considerations?

There are some key factors to bear in mind when specifying doorsets for your apartment building project, all of which are rooted in – what we would identify as – four key considerations. They...Read More

How Do Fire Doors In Apartment Buildings Work?

When specifying fire doors for apartments, there are crucial elements at play to ensure the safety of those occupying and living inside the buildings. Looking at recent statistics, fire and rescue...Read More

Fire Doorset Procurement: An Argument for Buying Component Parts

We understand that, as a specifier, there is a need to make cost-savings where possible. When it comes to fire doorset specification, this will often mean considering purchasing component parts. In...Read More

Fire Doors: Can I Have A Veneer Laminate?

The frustrations of a Doorset Manufacturer’s Production Director The simple answer to the above question is no. They are both different things. However, it’s a common query we frequently get asked...Read More

Fire Door Installation: “I’ll get my guys to install them”

When ‘the guys’ negate the fire certification You’ve specified a fire door. You’ve agreed the fire and acoustic performance, the look and feel of the finish. You’re ready to have it...Read More

Fire Doorset Ironmongery: Who Takes What Responsibility?

When it comes to ironmongery in fire doorset specification, ultimately, it’s the responsibility of the designer to get it right but this is frequently tiered down to the supply chain. However, the...Read More

The Impact Of Value Engineering In Fire Doorset Specification

Saving Money, Not Lives It’s a sad fact that many specifications are driven by price, as opposed to safety. However, in the business of fire doorsets, safety is something that you cannot compromise...Read More

The Resurgence Of American Black Walnut And Timber Fire Doorsets

A sense of uniqueness within an organisation is something that many aspire to achieve. As design professionals seek to push the boundaries of what is both safe, practical and aesthetically pleasing,...Read More

Made in Britain! What Does It Mean?

We are proud to say Made in Britain, proud that we haven’t taken our manufacture off shore and proud that the quality we produce is exceptional. But with so many others advertising on the back of...Read More

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