4 Things Not to Miss When Specifying Apartment Doors

Chris Robinson , Feb 22, 2021 4:09:42 PM

Doors are an everyday component; so much so that we rarely consider the intricacies and expertise that go into each doorset to ensure your safety, fire protection, acoustic performance and security.

Every type of door has different challenges and opportunities, yet they’re often seen as an afterthought to larger ideas like massing, materials and plan layouts. However, when designers truly harness their power, the opportunities for your fire doorsets are endless.

In this post, we take a close look at fire doorsets in your apartment building, looking at 4 key functions that you should look out for when specifying for your next project.

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#1 The Design of your Apartment Fire Door

The aesthetics of your doorset are integral to the overall design of any multi-residential building.

When looking specifically at apartments, doors provide the first impressions, which dramatically affects it’s marketability. Apartment doors, lobbies and entrances are important to buyers, owners and tenants for both branding and status.

As a specifier, you should consider the aesthetics of the entrance doors, the finishes and the detailing around them, for example, a veneer finish (such as American Walnut, Smoked Oak, or Wenge veneer).

Flexibility in performance and certification will also allow you to consider whether you opt for full height fire doorsets or integrated doors with wall panelling.

Apartment signage also pay a key role within the overall aesthetic of the doorset, as well as decorative hardware such as handles and locks.


RW Joinery Recommends

-You have an opportunity to experiment with the height and width of the doorset with next to no additional cost.

-On larger projects (500 doorsets +) don’t be afraid to consider impact vinyl. It has all the properties to achieve significant longevity of the door leaf and with many unique finishes. Talk to us.

-Experiment with external framing around your apartment entrance door. We have provided many simple cost effective solutions that enhance the visual experience.

-Don’t consider downgrading your internal apartment door leaves to standard proprietary supply. The difference in final aesthetic between proprietary and bespoke is great, causing a detrimental effect within the apartment.

#2 Fire Performance of your Apartment Door

The level of fire resistance will be determined by the fire strategy, which is designed by a fire officer whose role it is to assess the building requirements. The performance of the doorsets will be dictated by the escape routes, compartmentalisation, and access to and from the building.

The fire doorset manufacturer does not specify the performance of the doorset required but must adhere to the performance requested within the fire strategy.

RW Joinery Recommends

-Correct installation: Read more here.

-Buying component parts: Read more here.

-Ironmongery: Read more here.

#3 The Acoustics of Your Fire Doorset

Noise transfer and nuisance is a prominent consideration for your apartment fire door since dozens of people are housed under one roof.

Well fitted fire doors with smoke seals provide a moderate level of acoustic reduction, typically suitable for doorsets within an apartment, however an increased level of acoustic performance will be required for the Apartment front door.

RW Joinery Recommends

-35 RwdB acoustic performance (reduction) to Apartment entrance doorsets, however, you may want to increase this to around 40db for apartment entrance doorsets within or adjacent to communal areas or lifts.

-Acoustic performance within an apartment can be achieved with a well fitted doorset and without the need for further seals.

#4 Security for your Apartment Fire Door

The front door of an apartment is often the first or second point of security when individuals access the apartment block, since not many apartment buildings have manned concierge within the entrance.

Therefore, security should be closely considered.

PAS 24 is the minimum standard by which all new builds may need to adhere to in order to comply with Building Regulations. It is a series of tests that assess the security of a door against the effects of a burglary.

Many think that in order for their fire doorset to meet PAS 24 standard, a three-point locking system is necessary, when, in fact, this is not the case.

A high-performance, quality doorset with a one-point locking system will adhere to PAS 24 standards and are more competitive to procure, manufacture and install, making for a much more competitive solution.

Additionally, single locks are more visually appealing, providing the designer with more opportunity to deliver a contemporary feel to their doorset.

RW Joinery Recommends

-Consider single point locking rather than multipoint locking

-Always ask for evidence of testing. PAS24 testing is onerous. Tests need to replicate the final ironmongery solution you wish to use.

-There is no restriction to the aesthetic finish including feature grooving or engraving.


All four of these key considerations can work in conjunction to help you deliver something which is safe and compliant, yet truly unique.

At RW Joinery, we work closely with architects and designers on their quest to be unique and we strongly encourage you to try something different.

Why not give us a call 0161 480 8722 or email info@rwjoinery.co.uk and we can develop your ambitions together.



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