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How Are Fire Doors Tested?

The Testing Process Fire resistance for fire doors is certified through rigorous fire testing. Fire door manufacturers must obtain certifications through a United Kingdom Accreditation Service: an...Read More

Can You Get Bespoke Fire Doors?

Picture this: You are a discerning automobile buyer. You want an Audi A4, but your dealer tells you it only comes in blue, red or green. But orange is your favourite colour. Yes, the car still fulfils...Read More

What Are The Best Fire Doorsets?

Put simply, the best fire doorsets are the ones manufactured by an accredited manufacturer and that are fitted correctly. These are the only ones that work, and the only ones you put the safety of...Read More

How Do Fire Resistant Doorsets Work?  

Fire Dangers Persist According to this Home Office report, fire and rescue services in England reacted to 182,625 fire incidents in 2018/19. Over 54,000 of those incidents were in homes, bungalows,...Read More

What Is The Benefit Of A Fire-Rated Door?

When we explore, “what is the benefit of a fire-rated door”, we must always think about fire strategy. How can you get out of a building when it’s on fire? Whether there’s a fire on...Read More

The Impact of Covid-19: A CTI Survey

Like most industries, the timber supply chain has seen significant disruption to its business...Read More

COVID-19 Survey Highlights A Precarious Situation For Architects

With the government putting the UK on lockdown in an attempt to fight the COVID-19 pandemic....Read More

RW Joinery Q-Mark Certification

Fire doors are vital pieces of safety equipment. They help prevent the spread of smoke and flames and protect escape routes giving people enough time to leave the building safely....Read More

RIBA Outlines Spending Initiatives Ahead Of The Budget

. RIBA Outlines Spending Initiatives Ahead Of The Budget To Create A Fairer More Prosperous Society For Everyone The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has called on the new Chancellor Rishi...Read More

How The Timber Industry Can Help Solve The Housing Crisis

Timber has an important role to play in helping solve the housing crisis according to a new report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the timber industries. The report highlights...Read More

Research Reveals Care Homes At Risk Of Fire

A report released to support this year’s Fire Door Safety Week highlights a worrying lack of fire safety awareness in...Read More

Is Your Fire Door Fit For Purpose?

Fire doors are critical passive safety features which are designed to prevent the spread of flames and smoke in a fire....Read More

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