Noise reducing doors – are they necessary?

In general terms, no one likes to be sat in a noisy room where you can hear everything going on in the rooms around you, be that at home or at work. Maybe you’re trying to settle down and relax in front of the television, but the kids are running around in the other room, or perhaps you’re trying to get a report done for work but the cleaning crew are next door. Regardless, acoustic doorsets can be a fantastic way to block out some of that unwanted sound. If you’re considering making the jump for noise-reducing doors, take a look at whether any of these points apply to you.

You have solid well-plastered walls

For sound to travel from one room to another, there are going to be a few culprits. However, if you believe that nothing else is to blame and that you have well-built thick plastered walls, then it could be that the excess sound is coming from the door. A great soundproof door won’t always fix all your problems but if everything else is solid then it could likely help a lot.

This is for a school or office building

Whether you are a teacher in a classroom or you work in an office block, having a quiet space to conduct yourself in is vital. Without acoustic doorsets, you’re likely to have to put up with too much noise from the kids in the next room or from your colleagues walking through the halls or next door. In this case, good soundproof doors could go a long way to helping you get that quiet working environment you need.

You live in a busy neighbourhood

Perhaps you live on a busy main road, or in a large housing estate or in the middle of a city. Either way, acoustic door sets can go a long way towards reducing that annoying urban noise. Your home is supposed to be a place to relax and unwind and you won’t be able to do that when noises from the outside are constantly filtering in. As such, it’s likely you would benefit from soundproof doors.

For more information and guidance regarding noise reductive doors, please visit our noise reduction section or get in touch with us today. RW Joinery fits sound reductive doors that can reduce your noise pollution by up to 44dB, and can save you a lot of annoyance as well as money along the way.

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