Performance Doorsets

Performance Doorsets

RW Doorsets is the performance doorset manufacturing force behind RW Joinery.

Whilst remaining part of the overall group structure RW Doorsets operate on a supply only basis.

When it comes to superior quality, nobody compares to RW Doorsets. We are at the forefront of innovation and design with years of experience producing the finest performance doorsets on the market.

Whilst it goes without saying all our manufactured product is fully third party certified to meet the stringent conditions required to provide a fully certified doorset. All doorsets are manufactured within production facility conditions.

To take the risk out of third party installation we are able to advise your installers on the correct way to install our fire doorsets including onsite guidance if appropriate. This will include providing quality assurance and tracker check lists to enable you to monitor installation and progress.

For ultimate comfort we can arrange for a third party qualified independent fire door inspector to either monitor progress or review installation upon completion.

For 50 years we have produced innovative and top-quality doorsets for clients in a range of market sectors. Each doorset order is carefully prepared and arranged with you to ensure it exceeds your expectations. As a doorset manufacturer we take into account design and function when producing your set, creating each one at our facilities in Stockport. We have a team of experts working on state-of-the-art equipment that is ready to design your ideal door design.

All of our performance doorsets have a distinct range of features that satisfy the various building regulations you may be facing. Whether you’re concerned about fire, security or acoustics, we have a solution for you. Each doorset is produced using the very best materials available, embodying the high level of workmanship expected from our talented team of doorset specialists.

There’s nothing we love more than working on unique projects. This is because we know every client has a different requirement and each order has a distinct purpose. It’s our responsibility to make sure that our sets achieve their purpose which is why we are proud to offer a wide selection of key features that your project can benefit from.

Our specification team excels at creating bespoke doorsets for commercial, residential and public building purposes. Ordering from RW Doorsets means you can be assured that all of our bespoke performance doors are completed to our trademark certified high standard.

RW Doorsets is your trusted source for bespoke performance doorsets. Take a look at our Key Features below to discover the amazing benefits our performance doorsets have to offer.

Fire Doors & Smoke Control

Fire doors resistance is always the major concern, and at RW Joinery all of our doorsets will meet current fire safety regulations & standards. Our fire doors are commonly specified as FD30, FD60,...Read more

Strength & Durability

  Not every property has the same needs and at RW Joinery we recognise how important that is. Our bespoke performance doorsets are all available in varying degrees of strength & durability....Read more

Noise Reduction

  Acoustics can be a massive issue for property developers working on urban dwellings. We understand your struggle. That’s why RW Joinery is committed to providing effective noise reduction...Read more

Security Doors

Security Doors Security and safety is a number one priority for most. RW Joinery takes pride providing you with the best security performance doorsets option on the market. It’s not irrational to be...Read more

Vision Panels

  Vision panels are the perfect answer to lighting and visibility issues, offering a satisfying solution in both functionality and appearance. It can often be difficult to find the right balance...Read more

Finger Safe Protection

  There’s always a chance of catching your fingers in the door. Fortunately RW Joinery are ahead of the game with our Finger Safe protection system. Custom built to fit seamlessly into your...Read more

Antibacterial Coating for Healthcare

Antibacterial Coating Our experience working with the healthcare sector has shown us the significance of antibacterial control, which is why RW Joinery proudly offers antibacterial coating finishes on...Read more

Radiation Shielding

  The perils of radiation exposure are a real danger to doctors, dentists and hospital staff. Innovative radiation shielding design from RW Joinery can alleviate those risks. X-rays and...Read more

Trusted and Accredited Manufacturers

  • CHAS Accredited Contractor
  • BM Trada Q Mark Certification
  • Constructionline Gold Member 2018
  • BWF Membership Certificate 2020

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