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Revit Live: The Virtual Reality Architect


Imagine if you could visualise your proposed doorset precisely as it would look before it is installed. This would undoubtedly minimise the risk of making the wrong decision, allowing you to be completely happy with the project before a single fixture or fitting has been put into place.

The good news is that this is now a possibility. Over the past few years, the accessibility of virtual reality technology means that project proposals can now be visualised in accurate detail.

Revit Live allows architects and designers to harness the power of VR to develop realistic 3D models which can be virtually walked-through. The best part? It’s possible without large IT costs or overheads and can integrate with existing software packages.

Real-time development

This software allows architects and their clients to explore, experience and understand their proposed designs in brand new ways. Unlike traditional renderings, the completely immersive qualities of Revit Live designs mean that clients can now experience a space or doorset long before it is built.

Accuracy is key when it comes to competent design, and Revit Live is useful when it comes to providing everyday design checks – glare, sight-lines and scales are all visualised, allowing collaborators and clients to question design decisions and make suggestions with a greater degree of understanding of how the project will eventually look. Ultimately, this creates trust between designers, contractors and clients – everybody is on the same page, with the opportunity to pre-inspect a project.

Increased speed, increased productivity

The latest iteration of Revit Live offers much quicker processing times in conjunction with greater responsiveness and performance. It also links seamlessly with 3DS Max, which means architects can connect their datasets to Max’s real-time editing environment and edit interactively – all while the client sees the changes happening via a virtual reality headset. This leaves nothing to chance in terms of client expectation.

As the service continues to develop, cloud data will likely play a greater role, too. This creates a new and exciting way to design and develop projects for new doorsets, features and entire buildings. It’s the surefire way to realise design ideas in real-time.

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