RW Joinery Achieves Outstanding PAS24 Certification

RW Joinery achieves outstanding PAS24 Certification

PAS24 Certification on Bespoke Apartment Entrance Doorset

Our client had already chosen from our PAS24 range selecting a 2300 x 996 over height doorset finished in smoked Oak veneer and set into a smoked Oak doorframe. 

They selected also a very high 35 RwdB acoustic reduction set and FD30 fire certification.

Not satisfied with this outstanding performance they asked us to design a 2400mm high doorset incorporating single point locking and a concealed door closer assembly.

After extensive research and development we submitted working test samples into our independent testing station in Shropshire in February 2016.

We are pleased to confirm that all testing proved successful and we are now able to offer another fully certified product.

What does this product include?

This is not an off the shelf doorset, it is designed and manufactured to suit high specification apartment entrance doors. The doorset consists of an FSC hardwood rebated doorframe with a single full height door leaf. The doorset includes a concealed (hidden) door closer, security certified hinges and a single point locking system.

What options are available on this product?

The leaf can be veneered in any timber veneer including for example Smoked Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Maple or Red Elm and can polished in matt, satin or high gloss lacquers. (including burnished finish. (like that on a piano). Alternatively it can be laminated or factory painted.

The doorframe can be manufactured from almost any FSC available hardwood to match the above or factory primed or fully painted.

We can supply fire certification to FD60.

We can supply acoustic performance up to 35 RwdB.

Single point locking may consist of a security locking device with lever handles to match your current scheme or our access control locking system operated on a Mifare control software package. (Such as that used in hotels, rented apartments and student accommodation.

Can it be used on very large schemes?

Yes, in particular we offer an identical specification with a faced fixed door closer. The door is laminate faced and the frame primed. This is used very extensively in regular sizes for student accommodation.

What does ‘certificated’ to PAS 24 actually mean?

In essence this is your guarantee that the production of the door you are purchasing is being monitored by a UKAS accredited certification body to ensure compliance with PAS24:2012 Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. External doorsets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk and the specific and the relevant material specific standard for general performance referenced in BS 6375 Parts 1, 2 and 3.

PAS 24, like most British Standards, is a minimum standard.  In other words it doesn’t include higher or lower grades for security and so doors that are tested to the specifications of the standard either pass or fail.  Although some of the doorsets that pass will be a little stronger than the minimum required, a minimum standard encourages engineers to design the door to pass at the minimum requirements.  This makes economic and environmental sense and the effectiveness of doors certificated to this standard has proven that the minimum levels set by the British Standards were just about spot on.

The process of testing and certification

The manufacturer of the door submits a range of doors to a United Kingdom Accreditation Service  (UKAS) accredited test house for testing to PAS24 and the relevant ‘fit for purpose’ standards.  Having achieved passes on these doors the factory and the manufacturing processes are examined by a UKAS accredited Certification Body. Providing the independent certification body is satisfied with the manufacturing facility and the way in which it is managed they will award a certificate to the manufacturer, which will enable them to market their doors as ‘certificated’ to PA 24 and the ‘fit for purpose’ standards.

For further information either on specification, drawings, variants to design or costing please speak to Dave Barron 0161 480 8722 or

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