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Should The Unrestricted Sale of Fire Door Blanks be Made Illegal?

The Fire Safety Act 2021 has finally been granted Royal Assent; the new act is an effort on behalf of the government to improve fire safety in multi-occupancy domestic premises following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower 4 years ago.

We read countless articles on social media from concerned Fire Doorset Inspectors (you’re doing a great job guys) highlighting how poor a doorset installation is. Indeed, we’ve done that ourselves, and we all underline the importance of accredited fire doorset manufacturers and installers.

And yet anyone can pop along to their local builders’ merchants and buy an unlipped fire door blank. Are we mad?

What is a Fire Door Blank?

Put simply, a fire door blank is a slab of door core, specifically manufactured tall and wide, in order for it to be cut to fit any sized door frame. It is not a fire door leaf.

And that’s where it all goes wrong.

A fire door leaf requires the correct and properly applied lipping and its overall size will be manufactured within the permitted allowance within that specific cores fire certification.

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When is a Fire Door Blank an Uncertified Danger?

Pop on down to your builders merchant today and buy a 2.4m x 1.2m FD60 door blank. Fix the correct and properly applied lipping. Stand back and view your completely uncertified door leaf.

The blank is sold to accommodate any sized opening. However, it needs cutting, it can achieve almost the 2.4m height and achieve certification but not at 1.2m wide. It must be far narrower. It cannot achieve 1.2m wide at almost any height.

Don’t get us started on quantity and position and type of hinges, locks or closers, intumescent protection or vision panels.

There is no argument to be made where doorsets or door leaves can be bought from anyone other than recognised and accredited doorset manufacturers.

The Fire Safety Act 2021 is a long overdue bolt on to the Building Safety Act, and as a conscientious industry, we must ban the sale of door blanks to unqualified persons.

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