Taking Care of your Manufactured Doors and Frames

Taking Care of your Manufactured Doors And Frames

Once you have fitted your manufactured doors and frames it is important that you look after them. This not only ensures that they continue to provide the same high levels of aesthetic quality, but it also helps to ensure the longevity of the door and frame. Failure to care for a door and frame can result in damage and may if left unchecked result in costly and premature replacement.

However when it comes to taking care of your manufactured doors and frames, doing nothing can sometimes be better than utilising the wrong maintenance measures. To ensure that you use the correct measures we have provided our top tips to help you properly maintain your doors and frames.

  • Regular Inspection: You should regularly inspect all of your doors and frames following their installation. This inspection should aim to explore whether deterioration is occurring, commonly this can be attributed to failure in the door or the frame’s painting or protective coating. This failure can be attributed to exposure to extreme climates, such as damp. Equally it can be attributed to wear and tear due to excessive use.
  • Specific Maintenance of Fire Doors: Due to their specific utility fire doors require a slightly different maintenance practice. All intumescent seals will require regular inspection to ensure that they have not become compromised. The same applies to door closers, these should be regularly tested to ensure they will perform in the event of a fire.
  • Check Areas of Moisture Build Up: During your inspections, specific attention should be paid to areas that are prone to moisture build up, this is because if left unchecked this can result in failure of the door and costly replacements. This is especially true of air conditioned and centrally heated buildings where the moisture changes can affect the stability of the door and its frame.
  • Avoid Quick Temperature Increases: Rapid changes in the temperature and humidity of an interior can be detrimental for wooden doors and frames. When increasing temperature in your interior, aim to do it gradually, as this will maintain the moisture distribution as evenly as possible and reduce the damage which occurs to the door and frame as a result.
  • All doors which are held open with wedges for prolonged periods of time will incur twists. If possible, this should be avoided.

For further information about our door and frame maintenance best practices, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0161 480 8722.

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