The Golden Thread: Doorset Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance

There is no shortage of information in construction. However, if construction is to modernise its ways of working, it must learn how to harness this.

Dame Judith Hackitt’s continuing review in helping our British government establish a new Building Safety Regulator has highlighted the need for shared responsibility throughout a project. This increases morale and financial obligations to ensure that processes and projects are completed to a high standard first time around.

In construction, the ‘golden thread’ of information is used as a shorthand for an accurate and up-to-date record of building data. Although not standard practice yet, it will detail how a building was designed, built and maintained. The golden thread is a live document, held digitally. The record will capture the digital fingerprints of people, recording their decisions, thus giving a clear accountability trail.

Why Does ‘The Golden Thread’ Matter?

Information and record-keeping around buildings and construction projects are fragmented, incomplete and often inaccessible. For most buildings, it is unclear if the finished structure is the same as what was designed, potentially impacting on building safety.

There are currently gaps around handover, running & maintaining or renovating a building. There are usually no records at these phases, or if there are, they aren’t joined-up. This also makes it harder for the owner to manage the building and complicates operational maintenance.

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Fire Doorsets: How Does It All Link Together?

Certification for the manufacture of doorsets, certification for their installation and certification for their maintenance is easily achievable. However, on almost all occasions, the certification bodies or manufacturers, installers and maintainers are different bodies or companies.

This breakdown in seamless continual management and certification is the concern, leading to a major lack in accountability.

I Want To Use The Golden Thread. How Can I?

RW Performance Doorsets manufactures timber fire doorsets under the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Doorset Scheme and will provide – upon completion of the project – a fully documented digital record of the individual details of each doorset (with ironmongery fitted or supplied) and confirmation of fire certification.

RW Joinery will install RW Performance doorsets under the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Doorset Installation Scheme and will provide – upon completion of the project – a single fully documented digital record of both the manufacture details noted above and the subsequent installation details, including any changes incurred during manufacture, records of the fire stopping process used and images of the final installation.

RW Maintain offers 3, 5 or 7 year doorset maintenance packages under the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Doorset Maintenance Scheme. With premium access to the manufacture and installation details above, RW Maintain can assist in protecting your legal obligations to protect you and your occupants within your building. Should a doorset become damaged, RW Maintain can provide certified repairs or, if required, order replacement from the original source.

Mitigate the risk and complexity of specifying, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining performance fire doorsets, to improve fire safety in the built environment.

Fire Door guide CTA

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