BWF Certifire Label

What Is The BWF Certifire Label?

Unless someone has personally fitted a fire door, they are often unaware of the existence of the BWF Certifire Label. This is due to the fact that the label can be found on the top surface of the door and as a result is out of sight.

The label itself has been designed in order to provide fire door owners with traceability throughout the supply chain on their fire door, this ensures that the manufacturer can be contacted easily and effectively, in instances where further information is required.

Under the BWF Certifire Label scheme there exists a number of different labels, each of which caters to the specific ratings and requirements of different jobs. Once a label has been placed on a fire door, it should never be removed. Included on the label is a number of important details. These details include, the manufacturer’s name and contact number, the fire door’s rating, a unique serial number, and, where possible, the certification number.

How Does BWF Certifire Label Traceability Work?

The BWF Certifire Traceability label provides clients, installers, manufacturers and inspectors, with the ability to check both the door’s history and its correct use. Since each BWF Certifire Traceability label makes use of a unique serial number, it means that any individual is easily able to follow the processing of the door. In addition, it enables for accurate checks to be made in order to ascertain as to whether the door has been utilised previously in correct application and/or configuration, in line with the door’s fire test evidence and certification.

What Happens If And When Changes Are Made To The Door?

If any changes are to be made to your fire door, such as the addition of a glazed window panel, then you should ensure that it is done by a licensed converter. This is because when they complete work and modifications to the door they will also attach their own label, next to the manufacturer’s label

If however, the work has been completed and no additional label has been added to the door, then the door’s certification is no longer valid, unless the work has been completed by the original manufacturer. Under the certification, the unauthorised cutting of panels or changes to the door is not permitted.

Separate certification is added for the door’s frame, this is demonstrated through an additional label that is applied to the certificated door frame, lining or casing.

Trusted and Accredited Manufacturers

  • CHAS Accredited Contractor
  • BM Trada Q Mark Certification
  • Constructionline Gold Member 2018
  • BWF Membership Certificate 2020

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