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What To Consider When Choosing Doors For A Leisure Centre

Selecting doors for a leisure centre can sometimes be a more difficult proposition than was originally suspected. Most people assume that a door is a door, therefore selecting one for a leisure centre will be simple.

However when faced with weight loads, construction materials and other additional characteristics such as acoustic restriction and fire resistance, the whole process can quickly become incredibly complicated.

We understand this confusion! In order to make the selection of doors for your leisure centre easier we have collected a number of factors to consider during the sourcing process.

Fire Rated 

In many installations ensuring that doors provide a degree of fire protection is a minimum requirement. However, there are a range of fire ratings, it is important to gain an understanding of the legal requirements but also those of your installation before selecting a specific fire rating.


Many leisure centres are selecting an increasingly vibrant range of timber for their installations, such as Hemlock and Iroko, sometimes this is due to the aesthetic effect of the timber, sometimes it is due to the durability they provide. However, lamination is an important factor to consider for doors within a leisure environment. This is because these doors will receive high levels of traffic, in addition doors in a leisure centre are likely to be exposed to a high level of humidity. Opting to have your doors laminated is an excellent means of increasing their longevity whilst also protecting them from water and humidity damage.

Acoustic Rating

This is an important consideration that should not be overlooked, often doors in leisure centres lead into environments with high levels of noise, swimming areas, bar areas and sports courts. In some cases it is desirable to create acoustic isolation to prevent the spread of noise throughout the centre or complex. In order to facilitate the isolation of sound it is worth considering the acoustic rating you require.


Increasingly, our customers in the leisure industry are opting for doors with inlaid glazing. This is primarily due to the contemporary image that glazing creates. However the nature of the glazing should be considered, certain areas may require transparent glass to aid safety and enhance the welcoming environment. Other areas may require frosted glass in order to ensure privacy.


It sounds obvious, but the actual colour of your doors should not be overlooked. Doors should enhance the environment into which they are installed. Taking the time to consider the colour or aesthetic appearance of your doors will pay dividends further down the line.

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