Q-Mark Certification Why is Important

Why Is Q-Mark Certification So Important?

When purchasing products it is hard to ascertain its quality, longevity and durability. Thankfully a number of product certification schemes exist. These schemes are especially useful, this is because they serve as a third party endorsement of the product. This endorsement can come in a number of forms, it can endorse the products safety, it can endorse the quality of its materials or it can endorse its suitability in a specific application.

Typically customers want to establish higher levels of confidence in a product and its capabilities than is established by a manufacturer’s declaration. This is understandable, especially due to the wide range of competition in today’s markets, and also because of the amount of poor quality products in circulation. Therefore evidence, as provided by a trusted and reliable third party certification organisation, is a good means of demonstrating that the product in question has been tested and meets a number of manufacturing standards.

The Q-Mark Certification is one of these third party certification organisations. The mark is typically applied to construction products and is widely regarded as one of the most rigorous and intensive processes currently conducted in this field. The quality of the Q-Mark Certification scheme is such that it is recognised by a number of controlling bodies, including the NHBC, or the National House Building Council.

A number of Q-Mark Certification schemes exist, referring to specific installations and materials and their suitability in an application. These include:

Wood Based Panels Scheme: this is specific to clearly defined products and their associated components for the use as panels.

Acoustic Window Performance Scheme: this scheme aims to increase the standard and quality of acoustic performance in windows, enabling manufacturers to provide a standardised demonstration of the acoustic performance of their products.

Enhanced Security Door Scheme: this scheme provides assurance that doors are consistently manufactured to a standard and quality which satisfies the requirements of Secured by Design standards.

Fire Door Manufacture Scheme: this scheme provides customers with a third party assurance that fire doors are manufactured to a consistent standard and provide an assured standard of fire protection.

RW Joinery are proud of the fact that many of our products have received the Q-Mark certification in a number of fields. This certification enables us to demonstrate the quality and performance ability of our products free from our bias.

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