High-Performance Acoustic Doorsets

Address the issue of poor acoustics in your commercial or residential setting.

If your project is within an educational or residential environment, or any space that experiences high traffic, you will need to ensure a level of acoustic performance is included into your doorset specification.

Work alongside RW Joinery, and this can be achieved seamlessly. With up to 44 RwdB of acoustic protection, you will guarantee optimum comfort levels for users.

Combined with fire and security, your acoustic doorset will provide a complete safety package.


Acoustic Considerations, Before You Specify

A high performance doorset should be designed with fire-rating, acoustic performance, security and aesthetics in mind.

All of these functions must work together to provide a holistic, safe solution.

By overlooking one performance over another, you could open yourself up to issues down the line and even cause potentially catastrophic consequences if not specified correctly. 

Partnering with RW Joinery allows you to achieve high acoustic and fire performance, as well as certified security doorset that meets Building Regulations, all without compromising on design.

It is possible to achieve an acoustic performance up to 44 RwdB. However you should always speak to an expert to ensure all other doorset functions are met before specification.

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