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With RW Joinery you are assisted from the earliest stages of the project, to ensure your doorsets and ironmongery combine the very best in design, fire safety and function. 

Working with RW Joinery's team of experts, your creative design will be championed throughout the manufacturing process.

Specify your desired designs and finishes, whilst RW Joinery, alongside our suppliers, work to ensure it remains compliant and certified, without compromising on aesthetic or function.

If your request negates the doorset fire certification we will work with you to amend your specification.


xPremium Ironmongery

Essential Doorset Ironmongery

The role of essential ironmongery is to hold the fire door in place in the event of a fire, until the intumescent strip is activated, expanding and sealing the door leaf into the frame.

RW Joinery's Essential Ironmongery includes:

  • Pivots 
  • Hinges
  • Door Closing Devices
  • Latches
  • Locks


All essential ironmongery installed within a doorsets must be CE marked, and approved by the doorset manufacturer to ensure the Doorset Fire Certificate, is not compromised. 



Non-Essential Doorset Ironmongery

Whilst essential ironmongery is used to ensure the performance of the doorset works correctly in a fire, non-essential ironmongery (because it doesn’t form part of the fire certification process) is used for either aesthetic or practical reasons.

RW Joinery's Non-Essential Ironmongery includes:

  • Pull Handles
  • Push Plates
  • Security Viewers
  • Kick Plates
  • Escutcheons
  • Name Plates
  • Buffer Rails


All non-essential ironmongery must be approved by the doorset manufacturer, in order to ensure the Doorset Fire Certificate is not compromised.

xNon-Essential Doorset Ironmongery

Self-Closing Doorset Devices

Unless a door is designated as ‘permanently locked with authorised access only’ your fire doorset must include a self-closing device, or door closer.

RW Joinery supplies a wide range of self-closing devices, including options which are not visible whilst the doorset is closed.

RW Joinery's self-closing device range includes:

  • Face-Fixed Fire Door Closers
  • Concealed Fire Door Closers
  • Floor Mounted Closers
  • Transom Mounted Closers


For more information about which closers you need for your doorset, speak to an expert today.


Self-Closing Fire Door Retainers

Whilst fire doors are required to be self-closing, it can cause difficulty for the young, elderly or disabled. Fire door retainers allow the door to be kept in the open position – automatically releasing the door in the event of a fire.

Types of Fire Door Retainer

Fire door retainers must be linked to the fire alarm system in your building. 

RW Joinery offer two types of door leaf retainers:

Détente - A magnetic device linked to the building fire alarm that releases the door leaf when activated. The door leaf must be fitted with normal door closers to allow the leaf to close.

Electromagnetic Door Closers - Usually forming part of an overhead door closer or used within a floor mounted device, this retainer is linked to the building fire alarm and releases the door leaf when activated. The unit then closes the door into the frame.

xretainer rw

Fire Door Hinges

RW Joinery supplies and installs brushed, stainless steel, Grade 13, fire-rated, power load, lift off hinges as standard. For security doorsets or extremely heavy doorsets, you will be supplied with specialist butt hinges.

Other RW Joinery hinges include:

  • Concealed Hinges
  • Pivot Hinges
  • Floor Springs


However, no matter your desired finish, RW Joinery will work with you during the design process to supply the perfect ironmongery for your fire doorset.

xFire Door Hinges

Locks & Latches

Your fire doorset must be specified and certified in its entirety, to remain industry compliant. This includes locks and latches, which form part of the fire control and certification system.

You can select from single or multi-point locking systems, allowing you to adhere to PAS 24 standards.

The PAS 24 British Standards, are a set of tests designed to assess the security of a door against the effects of an opportunistic burglar. They are a minimum standard by which all new buildings must adhere, in order to comply with current Building Regulations. 

As industry regulations are so stringent, RW Joinery will always ensure adequate security and fire protection as part of the manufacturing process, so you don't have to worry.

xLocks and Latches
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