Full Inspection Packages For Fire Doors & Door Sets

With five decades of multi-sector experience, RW Maintain provide regular inspection services for occupied buildings, providing clients with the in-depth reports needed to make informed decisions about passive fire safety and how to maintain it.

Partnering with RW Maintain ensures your fire doors are inspected to ensure ongoing compliance with the Regulatory Reform Order (2005) to third party accredited LPS 1197 Standards.

With a range of inspection packages available, you always receive the best tailored package for your building’s needs, whether that be a major inspection or an intrusive survey.


Why Are Fire Door Inspections Required?

In regards to the requirement of ongoing maintenance of fire provisions, Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 advises landlords and building owners to ensure regular planned preventative maintenance is in place for occupied buildings.

BS8214 (c.13) and BS9999 (Annex L), reference the importance of routine inspections of fire doors and highlights them as being essential to maintain fire safety within buildings.

To ensure compliance, RW Maintain’s inspectors are fully trained and certified to British and European standards and offer you insights and guidance based on best practice guidelines. RW Maintain’s inspection process is also offered alongside comprehensive remediation, supply and installation services, as well as ongoing maintenance packages.


Fire Door Inspection: What To Expect

Benefitting from decades of multi-sector experience, our dedicated team of trained experts ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day. Careful consideration is given to the planning of the inspection work, allowing RW Maintain’s inspectors to methodically work through your building(s) and record their findings in real-time.

During inspection areas of non-compliance are identified and categorised into areas of priority, capturing the condition of each doorset and collating the information into a database.

Using their expert knowledge, RW Maintain work with you to create a robust maintenance plan that highlights the work required to remedy problem areas in a timescale that works for your business and budget-constraints.

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Which Type Of Inspection Do You Need?

Major Inspection

No Manufacturers Certification Available
Little or No Installation Certification Available 
Intrusive Survey Required 

Sub-Major Inspection

Manufacturers Certification Available
Little or No Installation Certification Available
Intrusive Survey Required

Minor Inspection

RWJ Manufacturers Certification Available 
Little or No Installation Certification Available
Intrusive Survey Required 

Sub-Minor Inspection

RWJ Manufactures Certification Available 
RWJ Installation Certification Available

Intrusive Survey

Remove architraves to one side of doorset
Survey location and quantity of fixings
Survey type & condition of intumescent gap treatment
Refix architraves


Major Inspection. Normal Doorsets
Other Inspections. Certified Doorsets
Schedule of works inclusive of repair or replacement doorsets

Move to Betterment, Repair or Replace or Service Plan 

Maintaining & Servicing Fire Doorsets Guide

Your Complete Guide To Maintaining & Servicing Fire Doorsets

Covering everything from cost-effective ways of maintaining your doorsets and best practices for extending the lifespan of your building's fire doors. 

Whether you're a landlord, property developer, building manager or anyone responsible for a building with multiple fire doors, this guide is for you!

Make maintenance simpler with The Complete Guide To Maintaining & Servicing Fire Doorsets.

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