Quality Performance Fire Door Replacements

The repair and betterment of existing fire doors is always the priority at RW Maintain. We are dedicated to preserving existing doorsets and only replace your fire doors when absolutely necessary. By championing the betterment process, your business can greatly reduce the projected costs of your fire door maintenance.

However, for those instances where a fire door can’t be repaired our team of Doorset Technicians can provide quality timber fire doors complete with a range of fire-rated, acoustic and security accreditations.

Working synchronously with RW Doorsets, your premium fire door replacements are expertly installed and certified to meet exact requirements all whilst navigating the day-to-day demands of your business or organisation.


Certified Installers For Your New Fire Doors

RW Maintain’s fire door installers are fully certified and trained in the delivery on quality fire doorset installation and betterment. Certified under the BM TRADA Q-MARK Fire Door Installation & Maintenance Schemes, manufacturer’s guidelines are followed precisely alongside fire door codes of practice and global assessments.

With RW Maintain you are assured that every fire door is inspected, repaired and, if necessary, replaced in a manner that ensures full compliance each and every time.


A Complete Turnkey Fire Doorset Service

An incorrectly installed or maintained fire doorset won’t serve it’s primary purpose – to save lives.  

This puts enormous responsibility on you, the specifier, contractor or landlord, to ensure all standards are met.

RW Maintain are dedicated to providing manufacture, installation and maintenance packages which allow for seamless certification, without compromise.

Through our ‘cradle to grave’ process you’re supported throughout the lifetime of your project, and beyond, giving you confidence, peace of mind and assurance. Protecting your building occupants, your assets and your reputation. 

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Major Replacement

Critical Doorset Failure within high traffic or main escape area
Visit 1 - Make Good Doorset within 5 working days & survey
Visit 2 - Replace Doorset within 20 working days
Provide Full Certificate of Manufacture and Installation

Sub-Major Replacement

Doorset Failure within high traffic or main escape area
Visit 1 - Survey
Visit 2 - Replace Doorset within 20 working days
Provide Full Certificate of Manufacture and Installation

Scheduled Replacement

Replace Doorset within an agreed programme of works
Provide Full Certificate of Manufacture and Installation


New Doorsets Fully Certified.
Doorsets deemed to satisfy Fire Safety Act 2021
Move to Service Plan
Maintaining & Servicing Fire Doorsets Guide

Your Complete Guide To Maintaining & Servicing Fire Doorsets

Covering everything from cost-effective ways of maintaining your doorsets and best practices for extending the lifespan of your building's fire doors. 

Whether you're a landlord, property developer, building manager or anyone responsible for a building with multiple fire doors, this guide is for you!

Make maintenance simpler with The Complete Guide To Maintaining & Servicing Fire Doorsets.

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