Pre-Planned Fire Door Inspection & Maintenance

Under the new Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, responsible persons are required to undertake more regular inspections of their fire doors, ensuring they remain compliant and fully functional.

Through RW Maintain you can arrange regularly scheduled maintenance, involving the inspection of all fire doors within an occupied building. Through our service packages you are guaranteed no unexpected fees with ongoing support from our team of certified Doorset Technicians.

With new legislation from the government to take responsible actions around the inspection, maintenance and servicing of fire doors, reduce the headache and uncertainty by partnering with RW Maintain’s national team of fire door specialists.


Fire Door Compliancy & Why It Matters

By design, fire doors are subject to extremely high levels of use in most buildings, more so than any other fire safety equipment. This makes even the most high-quality fire door subject to more wear and tear and through user-ignorance can be tampered with over time. Add to this the risk of accidental or intentional damage and the risk of your fire doors becoming non-compliant rises.

Unfortunately, this can lead to building managers and owners finding themselves with a hefty bill if an inspector fails all of their doorsets due to non-compliancy.

At RW Maintain, we know the risk this can pose to your business both financially and logistically. Partnering with RW Maintain through one our Service packages ensures you are following best practice with regular checks, whilst also mitigating unforeseen surprises.


Tailored Service Packages For Your Fire Doors

Maintain your fire doors through a tailored service package on a fixed-term that works for your business or organisation. With 3, 5, or 7 year fixed-term packages on offer, you choose the right one for you and set out the terms of what and how many fire doors are covered.

For a fixed annual cost, RW Maintain are on-hand to provide regular inspection, maintenance and if needed, replacement of your fire doors. Certified under the BM Trade Q-MARK Maintenance and Installation Schemes, we will help you remain certified and compliant under new regulations such as the Fire Safety Act.

No hidden costs. No risk. Keep your buildings and your occupants safe with your tailored fire door service package.

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Minor Service Package

Twice Yearly Inspection*
Check Door Gaps & Threshold (report error)
Check & replace damaged intumescent/smoke seals
Check ironmongery operation (report error)
Adjust closer, oil hinges, adjust latch, refix loose ironmongery
Check Glass & Glazing Beads (report error)
Check the leaf closes correctly. Adjust if possible (report error)
Check drop seal. Adjust if possible (report error)
Check & replace missing fire disc sign
Remove wedges/ illegal hold open devices

Sub-Minor Service Package

Twice Yearly inspection*
Check Door Gaps & Threshold (report error)
Check intumescent / smoke seals (report error)
Check ironmongery operation. (report error)
Check Glass & Glazing Beads. (report error)
Check the leaf closes correctly. (report error)
Check drop seal. (report error)
Check & replace missing fire disc sign.
Remove wedges / illegal hold open devices.
Update Service Record

*One internal and one external visit in live or active building or, Two internal visits to void or inactive buildings


Compliance with landlord obligations of the Fire Safety Act 2021 

Doorsets deemed to satisfy Fire Safety Act 2021

Maintaining & Servicing Fire Doorsets Guide

Your Complete Guide To Maintaining & Servicing Fire Doorsets

Covering everything from cost-effective ways of maintaining your doorsets and best practices for extending the lifespan of your building's fire doors. 

Whether you're a landlord, property developer, building manager or anyone responsible for a building with multiple fire doors, this guide is for you!

Make maintenance simpler with The Complete Guide To Maintaining & Servicing Fire Doorsets.

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