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Bespoke doorsets and joinery for all commercial applications, manufactured and installed all under one roof to make your specification process simple.


Bespoke Performance Fire Doors For Your Commercial Business

Offices and commercial complexes are often able to push the boundaries of what is permissible in fire doorset manufacture; be it extreme floor-to-ceiling door leaf heights, secret doorframes or concealed ironmongery.

With so many options out there and most commercial buildings needing a suite of doorsets each different from the next, it can be hard to find the right partner. That’s why RW works directly with you from the beginning, ensuring that your exact designs can be achieved from conception to completion, without compromising on performance.

For projects which require large-scale manufacturing, our in-house state-of-the-art facility is capable of delivering 500 doorsets per week.

With a near-unlimited range of finishing options to choose from, you can be sure to receive the perfect doorset package for your retail or commercial building.

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Reliable Installation For Retail & Commercial Applications

Designed, created and installed all under one roof, RW Install’s cradle-to-grave processes ensure full certification for your doorsets and joinery.

By partnering with an all-in-one doorset manufacturer and installer, you are assured that your doorsets meet the regulations of both new builds and existing buildings within the commercial sector.

Our unique set-up combines three businesses all under one roof, offering you a full doorset package including manufacture, installation and maintenance. Through our expert installation team, supported by our in-house manufacturing facility, your doorsets are always fully compliant and installed precisely to manufacturer guidelines.

But it doesn't stop at doorsets, as our teams are trained to install a whole suite of bespoke furniture, fixtures and equipment.

No matter your project, our team will ensure your project is delivered on time, allowing your commercial business to keep running.

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Fire Door Maintenance Packages Tailored To Your Commercial Business

Existing commercial buildings are governed by the Regulatory Reform (2005, Fire Safety) Order, citing that responsible persons must carry out regular fire safety risk assessments, followed by the implementation of a fire management plan.

No matter your business, the safety of your personnel or customers is always of paramount importance. Whilst RW Doorsets are designed to combat and prevent the side-effect of wear and tear, time and atmospheric conditions, you should carry out regular inspections on your building’s fire doors.

With RW Maintain, you can choose from 3, 5 or 7-year doorset maintenance packages under the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Doorset Maintenance Scheme.

By choosing a tailored maintenance package, you get the right support for your commercial business every time. Our expert team is trained to carry out the Inspection, Betterment, Replacement and Servicing of your business’s new or existing fire doors.

From betterment packages which include the repairs and enhancements to your current doorsets, to replacement packages which offer you fully certified replacement RW Doorsets - our packages are built around your business’s bespoke needs. 

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Why RW?

RW Joinery is a leading doorset manufacturer and installation contractor - with over 50 years industry experience. 

RW Doorsets manufacture performance lead bespoke timber doorsets, using only certified components and manufacture details, to provide fully certified fire and acoustic performance doorsets.

Combined with RW Install's fully certified doorset installation, we can guarantee correct installation every time, whilst adhering to the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Doorset Installers Scheme.

Ensure lifetime certification with RW Maintain's maintenance packages, tailored to your site-specific needs.

From conception to completion, RW Joinery is the all-in-one provider of fire doorsets. Protect your buildings, your reputation and your people with a doorset manufacturer you can trust.

For your doorset manufacture, installation or maintenance needs, get in touch today.


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