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Providing performance doorsets to the Educational sector which are both functional and meet the relevant compliance levels - including everything from fire resistance, acoustic performance and smoke control.


Fire Doorsets for Educational Environments

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) outline numerous levels of compliancy for doorsets within educational institutions. Each doorset must meet adequate levels of fire resistance, acoustic performance and smoke control.

Balancing functionality, legislation and costings can be challenging during specification. That's why it's important to partner with a manufacturer and installer who has a wealth of experience working within this sector's guidelines.

With RW Joinery, you gain access to our team of experts who will carry out your project from conception to completion. With your complete doorset package, we will take care of the manufacture, installation and maintenance of your bespoke doors.

We provide you with integrated doorset solutions, alongside bespoke ironmongery designed to deliver optimum functionality and performance - all whilst ensuring that compliance levels are met.

We have designed numerous functional solutions for our clients based in the education sector. These include anti-trap finger protection mechanisms, door and frame leading-edge high impact PVC protection and post-formed doorsets.


Your Complete Doorset Service For Educational Spaces

Designed, created and installed all under one roof, RW Install’s cradle-to-grave processes ensure full certification for your doorsets and joinery. You are assured that your doorsets meet the stringent regulations of the educational sector, with an installation process that ensures full compliance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

But it doesn't stop at doorsets, as our teams are trained to install a whole suite of bespoke furniture, fixtures and equipment. No matter your ambition, our team of experts are on hand to deliver state-of-the-art joinery, supported by our in-house manufacturing facility.

By partnering with a manufacturer of performance-led doorsets, you are ensuring your educational spaces are compliant with a range of security, fire safety and acoustic criteria.

We always recommend contacting your fire door manufacturer, to correctly ascertain your site's requirements. 


Maintain Your Educational Spaces With RW Maintain

We know that Universities, Colleges and Schools by design are subjected to heavy wear and tear on a daily basis. In some instances, like school gyms, pools and changing rooms, specific conditions like moisture, mould and water damage can also be present.

Whilst RW Doorsets are designed to combat and prevent these atmospheric conditions, you should regularly carry out inspections on all your educational building’s doorsets and fire doors.

With RW Maintain, you can choose from 3, 5 or 7-year doorset maintenance packages under the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Doorset Maintenance Scheme, to ensure continued compliance long after installation.

Your chosen maintenance packages will ensure you receive the right support for your educational space every time. Our expert team is trained to carry out the Inspection, Betterment, Replacement and Servicing of your facility’s new or existing fire doors.

From betterment packages which include repairs and enhancements to your current doorsets to replacement packages which offer you fully certified replacement RW Doorsets - our packages are always built around your and your student’s needs. 

RW Doorsets RW Install RW Maintain

Why RW?

RW Joinery is a leading doorset manufacturer and installation contractor - with over 50 years industry experience. 

RW Doorsets manufacture performance lead bespoke timber doorsets, using only certified components and manufacture details, to provide fully certified fire and acoustic performance doorsets.

Combined with RW Install's fully certified doorset installation, we can guarantee correct installation every time, whilst adhering to the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Doorset Installers Scheme.

Ensure lifetime certification with RW Maintain's maintenance packages, tailored to your site-specific needs.

From conception to completion, RW Joinery is the all-in-one provider of fire doorsets. Protect your buildings, your reputation and your people with a doorset manufacturer you can trust.

For your doorset manufacture, installation or maintenance needs, get in touch today.


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