Fire Doorsets for Leisure Facilities

Performance fire doorsets for the leisure environment. Expertly designed to meet the demands of the industry's security, fire resistance and climate requirements.


Custom Made Fire Doors and Complete Doorsets for Public Spaces

Leisure complexes, swimming pools and gymnasiums have their own unique requirements and styles. No matter the project, doors are always considered an important architectural element, able to increase the aesthetic value of any space.

However, aesthetic is often not the primary focus in these spaces. In the leisure environment, many door types are required to meet the demands of security, fire resistance and function.

With RW Joinery you are assisted from the earliest stages of the project, to ensure  your doorsets and ironmongery combine the best in design, fire safety and function.

For leisure spaces, a range of climatic conditions must be adhered to and considered. So you must choose internal doorsets that are manufactured to offer complete fire safety, are highly durable and meet the functional needs of your space.


Door & Joinery Considerations for Leisure Facilities

We can provide encapsulated GRP waterproof and glass doorsets, usually post-formed or laminated to suit the impacts and heavy usage they are subject to in leisure environments.

For a room that experiences heavy condensation or water exposure, it is important that your wooden design is fit for purpose. RW Doorsets are designed to combat and prevent side effects such as mould and wet rot, guaranteeing the integrity of each doorset long after installation.

For large multipurpose rooms we can create impressive, bespoke, moveable partitions to suit your activities to enable you to increase the potential of your room. 

For professional dressing room and locker room design RW offer bespoke joinery packages to meet your needs. Whether your project is a state-of-the-art gym with need of waterproofing or a theatre dressing room with need of intense lighting, we will adapt to your project.

Atmosphere in a facility like a spa or yoga centre is usually a main design focus. Bespoke joinery enables you to bring warmth to your swimming area, studio, spa, reception, staff room, gym, hall or any other leisure area. Modernise a tired space or re-invent your leisure area with a joinery package tailored to you.

For areas that will suffer heavy impact from sporting equipment, such as Sports Halls, it is important that your joinery and doorsets are durable, resistant and reliable. RW Doorsets and Joinery are engineered to withstand heavy and consistent impacts.

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Why RW?

RW Joinery is a leading doorset manufacturer and installation contractor - with over 50 years industry experience. 

RW Doorsets manufacture performance lead bespoke timber doorsets, using only certified components and manufacture details, to provide fully certified fire and acoustic performance doorsets.

Combined with RW Install's fully certified doorset installation, we can guarantee correct installation every time, whilst adhering to the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Doorset Installers Scheme.

Ensure lifetime certification with RW Maintain's maintenance packages, tailored to your site-specific needs.

From conception to completion, RW Joinery is the all-in-one provider of fire doorsets. Protect your buildings, your reputation and your people with a doorset manufacturer you can trust.

For your doorset manufacture, installation or maintenance needs, get in touch today.


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