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Creating Our Legacy

Sustainability does not stop at energy reduction. 

Sustainability is more than just a business metric for RW Joinery.

We are passionate about creating processes, products and services that do not cause a negative impact on the environment, or our surrounding communities – and where possible, offset our impact through sustainable measures.

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We believe global warming and climate change cross over with other important matters, such as:

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We are committed to an intersectional set of commitments that all look to achieve one single goal – to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

RW Joinery has approached Stockport MBC with a robust and achievable proposal for helping Stockport MBC achieve greater employment in the semi- and unskilled labour market. Our goal is to provide opportunities for those with greater integration needs with either physical or mental illness.

As well as this, an agreed percentage of our profits will be donated to charitable causes, championed by Stockport for all works secured within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport.

Our Sustainability Mission & Commitments include:


Using fewer resources & minimise the carbon emissions associated with the goods, works and services we procure.

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Procuring all timber and timber products from legal and sustainable sources.


Ensuring that fair contract prices and terms are applied and respected and that ethical, human rights and labour standards are met, in line with our Modern Slavery Policy and the United Nations Global Compact Principles.


Sourcing goods, works and services that embody our environmental policy, health & safety policy and support the delivery of our Sustainability Policy.


Enhancing the health and well-being of the people and communities we work with by promoting materials and products that improve indoor environmental quality.


Providing technical and transparent evidence to support performance-related product claims.


Ensuring collaboration with our clients through sharing best practices, new products & innovation.


Measuring and targeting, substantial reductions in energy intensity, reductions in carbon intensity (emission intensity) and reductions in energy cost.

To achieve this RW Joinery has targeted carbon neutrality by 2040 with a written Embodied Carbon Reduction Plan in place with targets to achieve a 55% reduction by 2030.

Our Sustainability Journey So Far:

We began our energy reduction plan in 2010 aiming specifically at reducing the energy usage per product. To date, we have seen a continued reduction year-on-year since 2010.
We have reduced waste material below our year-on-year target including applying a waste hierarchy to packaging.
We have eradicated single-use plastic from all business divisions.
We have eradicated all paints that contain lead or other harmful substances.
All applicable materials are FSC certified, or where possible, of similar responsible-sourcing focused certification.
All company cars are now electric. We have committed to replacing all fossil fuel vans with electric-powered alternatives when renewed.
Packaging has been reduced by 77% per doorset unit.
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We are aware of the many effects our business has on the environment, both in the immediate and long term, and have committed to reducing our negative impact. It’s for this reason that our sustainability program forms part of our BS 14001 targets.

By operating in line with this policy we will play our part in reducing risks, safeguarding natural resources and improving resource efficiency and traceability. As well as this, we are dedicated to leaving behind a positive legacy, with a clear focus on biodiversity and the safeguarding of our natural capital.

RW Joinery has a full & relevant Environmental Policy demonstrating our initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility & the development of sustainable products in line with the UN’s ten Global Compact Principles.

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