Making a Statement: Bespoke Apartment Building Doors

Architects and designers are constantly looking for ways to deliver bold statements on their projects, and a bespoke fire-rated doorset is just one of many ways in which this can be achieved.

As more design professionals seek to push aesthetic boundaries whilst remaining within the remits of compliancy, we’re seeing a rise in innovative and creative designs – something at RW Joinery, we’re more than happy to facilitate.

In this post, we look closely at bespoke fire doorset innovations and how they can contribute to the overall look and feel of your apartment building project.

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The Hallway is your Canvas

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The corridor of an apartment building is often where one of the first impressions is made upon entry, and, as such, can offer a myriad of design opportunities for the architect to make a statement.

We would suggest viewing the doorset itself as part of the design of the corridor, making an impact on either side of the doorset with innovative panelling or unique architrave designs.

Incorporating additional elements, such as lighting, name plates, individual pieces of art and even security cameras can help contribute to your ‘quest to be unique’.

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Fire Doorset Design Considerations for Apartment Corridors

One of the most cost-effective ways to create a statement in an apartment building corridor is to experiment with the height and width of your fire doorset. This alone can help deliver impact with very little (if any) extra cost.

Fire Doorset Finishes for Apartment Buildings

For quite some time, rich, earthy woods have tended to feature heavily within doorset finishes, and flashes of brass, bronze or polished silver ironmongery and detailing can lift an area to new levels.

These darker tones signify a resurgence in retro glamour, giving an apartment building a sense of elegance and style, with American black walnut making a notable revival in recent years.

Dual Finish Fire Door Leaf

A long corridor with rows of doors that compliment each other and pushes design boundaries is excellent, but most users will seek a more neutral aesthetic inside their apartment.

And that’s where ‘dual finishing’ the leaf of the fire door is a sensible option/solution.

In opting for a dual finish, you can ‘go big’ on your exterior yet deliver more subtlety within the interior.

Bespoke Solutions with Non-Essential Ironmongery

Experimenting with non-essential ironmongery can also provide that added intrigue to your fire doorset design.

Incorporating centrally located full height engraved push plates incorporating door viewers, for example, can help in your quest for uniqueness.

Do bear in mind, however, that all ironmongery – whether essential or non-essential – should be CE marked, approved and listed on the Door Fire Certificate to ensure performance.

Enhanced Security with your Bespoke Apartment Building Door

Of course, an essential element to your apartment building door is the level of security it provides since manned concierge is no longer a common feature in the modern-day apartment building.

If you’re working on a new build, it’s likely that you’ll need to adhere to the PAS 24 British Standard in order to comply with current Building Regulations. PAS 24 is a series of tests designed to assess the security of a door.

Contrary to common belief, PAS 24 can be achieved with a one-point locking system. This gives, you, the designer, much more freedom to experiment with the overall design of your doorset, as opposed to a three-point locking system, which is often regarded as giving off a ‘prison-like’ feel.

To find out more about locking systems for your fire doorset, read last week’s post here.

Enhanced Fire Protection

Another key consideration with your apartment building door is the level of fire protection it provides, and this is rated in minutes, depending on the use and/or location of the door.

Main routes of escape (for example, front doors) will require a higher fire rating (e.g. 60 or 120 minutes) compared to a toilet or bathroom door which may need a 30-minute fire resistance, if any rating at all.


Do you want to talk more about how you can make a statement with your apartment building fire doorset?

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