Can I Have Polka Dot Yellow Fire Door Finish?

Chris Robinson , Jun 2, 2021 10:13:15 AM

When it comes to the finish of your fire door, your options are pretty much endless. So, the simple answer to the above question is… yes.

Experimenting with your fire door finish means that your clients will benefit from something that is eye-catching and unique, whilst also serving as a wayfinding solution in high-traffic environments.

In this post, we discuss your fire door finish options, how we create unique finishes and key considerations if you’re looking to push design boundaries.

Got A Design? We Can Create It…

To prove that just about any design is possible, we’re giving you, the designer, ultimate control. Simply, click here to submit your drawing. Our estimators will review your submission, choose the most creative and we’ll get back to you with the technical brief (& cost level) to achieve your bespoke design.

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Back to Fire Door Finishes…

If you’re involved in the design or specification of fire doorsets, its useful for you to understand the different types of finish and how they’re manufactured – as this will help you decide on what finish is appropriate to your project.

Real Wood Veneer Finishes

real wood veneer finish

As the name suggests, these finishes are acquired by slicing or peeling a log. They give an ‘expensive’ look and feel to a setting and the different cutting techniques contribute to a beautifully natural, yet intriguing visual.

Reconstituted & Engineered Wood Veneer Fire Door Finish

Reconstituted & Engineered Wood Veneer Fire Door Finish

Otherwise known as recomposed or manufactured wood veneers, these finishes are re-manufactured and processed to achieve a specific pre-designed appearance.

They’re sliced from softer, rapidly growing renewable species and dyed in vats that are then glued together several times, resulting in a product that emulates natural wood features.

Engineered wood veneer finishes allow you to create many different and unique patterns, whilst still upholding those natural wood features.

Laminate Finished Fire Doors

Laminate Finished Fire Door image

This finish paves the way for endless design and creative options. You can get plain colour laminates, timber veneer laminates and patterned laminates – as well as stone, metal and other unique finishes.

A bright-coloured laminate-finished fire doorset is incredibly eye-catching and, as such, may be used as a wayfinding in busy environments such as schools and hospitals.

Be warned: laminate finished fire doors can become the victim of fashion faux pas – since they’re quite often designed in-line with current trends. Therefore, some would argue that they are not the most contemporary of solutions.

That being said, if you want polka dot yellow, a laminate finish will help you achieve it.

Impact Vinyl Fire Doors

An image of Impact Vinyl Fire Doors

Another incredibly versatile finish is impact vinyl – which is often confused as laminate.

However, rather than being made from paper (like laminate), it is made from a plastic-based film.

Now that it’s procured in quantity, impact vinyl is much easier to get hold of these days – good news since your finish options are almost unlimited.

With impact vinyl, you can take advantage of plain colours in matt, satin and gloss; you can incorporate geometric designs, faux and real timber effect… the list goes on.

Similar to laminate, impact vinyl can also become the victim of trend, so consider your design carefully.

Factory Paint

Whilst you can’t necessarily get polka dots and geometric shapes, factory painting using our in-house facilities is a cost-effective way of achieving a high-quality result.

And you’re not limited to colour choice.

In the image below, you’ll see how well a grey-blue door contrasts with a lime green frame.

An image of Factory Paint


As you can see, there are a variety of finish options – giving you an ideas as to what you can actually achieve with your fire doorset design.

Don’t forget to submit your drawing here and we’ll select the best one.

If you would like to talk to us about your next project please call us and talk to the experts.

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