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What Is A Fire Doorset?

A Fire doorset is a precisely designed and engineered component set that comprises of the door leaf, the door frame, hardware, intumescent seals and smoke seals. Quite often, ‘fire doors’ and...Read More

MDF For Doorframes. Is It As Good As Solid Timber?

On face value, solid timber must be the ‘solid’ winner here, surely? This is a common perception when comparing wood to MDF board. Generally speaking, timber is seen as a strong, sturdy material...Read More

Can I Have Polka Dot Yellow Fire Door Finish?

When it comes to the finish of your fire door, your options are pretty much endless. So, the simple answer to the above question is… yes. Experimenting with your fire door finish means that your...Read More

Fire, Security, Acoustic or Aesthetic? What’s Most Important?

The fire doorset serves four key functions: fire resistance, security, acoustic performance, and aesthetics. But which of these takes precedent, and how will this impact your specification? There have...Read More

Your Guide To Fire Door Specification In Apartment Buildings

Doors in apartment buildings are so much more than inert closing devices. They’re intricately designed mechanisms that keep users safe in the event of fire and secure in the event of unauthorised...Read More

Fire Door Regulations In Blocks of Flats

14 per cent of British people now live in apartments, and with a population that grows by more than 500,000 each year, we’re expecting this figure to increase – particularly when you factor in the...Read More

Ironmongery & Your Apartment Fire Doors

Door hardware is an essential component to your apartment fire door’s performance. Whilst it may vary from door type to door type, it will normally consist of: – Hinges – Self-Closing...Read More

How To Specify Vision Panels In Apartment Fire Doors

In some situations, it may be appropriate to specify a fire door that has vision panels. For apartment buildings, this may be to facilitate a safe escape route or to let light into an otherwise dark...Read More

4 Things Not to Miss When Specifying Apartment Doors

Doors are an everyday component; so much so that we rarely consider the intricacies and expertise that go into each doorset to ensure your safety, fire protection, acoustic performance and security....Read More

Apartment Fire Doors: Choosing your Finish

As a specifier, one of the most important aspects (outside of safety and compliance) is the overall look of your fire door, particularly if you’re aiming to create a bold, unique statement. Choosing...Read More

Making a Statement: Bespoke Apartment Building Doors

Architects and designers are constantly looking for ways to deliver bold statements on their projects, and a bespoke fire-rated doorset is just one of many ways in which this can be achieved. As more...Read More

What Are The Best Apartment Door Considerations?

There are some key factors to bear in mind when specifying doorsets for your apartment building project, all of which are rooted in – what we would identify as – four key considerations. They...Read More

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