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It’s an exciting time for RW Joinery. We’ve given our website a well-needed makeover, working from the ground up to ensure the new site is aligned with RW Joinery’s business values in 2022.

Thankfully legislation is catching up with the stringent and thorough processes required for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of performance fire doorsets. Now, legislation will enforce property owners and building managers to re-evaluate their fire safety systems.

It’s never been more important to get onboard with fire safety and doorsets. By combining fire door safety, performance and design, RW Joinery are the all-in-one provider of fire doorsets providing you with the manufacture, installation and maintenance of premium performance fire-rated doors.

This year RW Joinery has begun to provide its products and services under the three trading divisions of RW Doorsets, RW Install & RW Maintain.

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RW Doorsets: The manufacturing of performance-led, bespoke finished fire doorsets delivered nationwide.


RW Install: Providing the supply and installation of significant bespoke doorset and joinery packages.

RW Maintain: Carrying out fire doorset inspection, betterment services and passive fire doorset replacement.


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Why Should I Choose An All-In-One Fire Doorset Provider?

There is an intrinsic certification link between our trigon of divisions that is rarely replicated by other companies in the UK. By partnering with a fire doorset specialist who covers every part of the process, from specification and manufacture through to installation and maintenance, you are provided with the assurance that the new legislative responsibility for timber fire doorsets is achieved.

Fire doorset certification starts before manufacture and usually remains consistent throughout the manufacturing process. Sadly, after delivery of the product, third-party incorrect choice of ironmongery or poor installation negates the doorset’s fire certification.

During the lifetime of a doorset, it must be maintained. Damaged doorset components, ironmongery, or lack of evidence from manufacturers and installers will negate fire certification.

The trigon of companies forming RW Joinery will take you through the specification, manufacture, installation, and maintenance processes within one certified and seamless fire doorset scheme.

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RW Doorsets

RW Doorsets works out of a production facility located in Stockport. With an output of circa 500 fire-certified timber doorsets per week, they target the bespoke performance doorset market. In addition, they also supply factory-fitted compliant doorset ironmongery.

Their nationwide client base includes all disciplines including medical and healthcare, prestigious commercial businesses and high-volume sectors such as student accommodation and high-rise living.

RW Doorsets are certified to manufacture timber fire doorsets within the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Doorset Scheme. 


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RW Install

RW Install manages the supply and installation of fire doors, ironmongery and second-fix joinery/fit-out packages ranging from £250K to £2.5M.

RW Install has decades of experience providing certified installation of performance doorsets, and bespoke joinery packages, retaining a client base including tier one & two main contractors.

RW Install carries out the installation of RW Doorsets, using the same accreditation body to certify the installation. This process provide seamless cradle-to-grave fire certification.


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RW Maintain

RW Maintain provides regular pro-active maintenance on timber doorsets, within a pre-agreed maintenance period and with fixed costs, utilising genuine replacement doorsets and ironmongery from RW Doorsets.

For door sets in disrepair, RW Maintain will remove existing failed doorsets and replace them with fully certified new manufactured and installed doorsets.

Passive doorset replacement is not always necessary. With our expertise and third party certification we can often repair or reinstate existing doorsets with the authority to provide re-certified or nominal doorsets.


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Choosing an all-in-one fire doorset specialist ensures full compliance and fire certification from day one right through to the whole lifespan of your fire doorset.

RW Joinery has a very strong internal infrastructure with continual open lines of communication between departments allowing the migration of resources, or information, quickly and efficiently. Our innovative set-up also provides the unique advantage of seamless manufacture-to-installation fire doorset certification with the additional benefit of post-installation maintenance.

Combining cutting-edge technology and specialist support, we consistently deliver for the diverse needs of our clients and partners.

At RW Joinery all our fire doorsets are manufactured in accordance with third party fire certification – and our trigon of companies (RW Joinery, RW Maintain & RW Install) will ensure seamless, cradle to grave fire doorset certification.

If you’d like to speak about your upcoming project, feel free to speak to an expert today.

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