The Resurgence Of American Black Walnut And Timber Fire Doorsets

Chris Robinson , Oct 2, 2020 10:00:54 AM

A sense of uniqueness within an organisation is something that many aspire to achieve. As design professionals seek to push the boundaries of what is both safe, practical and aesthetically pleasing, here at RW Joinery, we’re more than happy to help you realise your creative visions.

In this post, we’ll be sharing our experiences of experimenting with different timber veneers, focussing on the fashionable and increasingly popular, American Black Walnut Veneer.

The Quest to be Unique

An office development or refurbishment presents a great opportunity for organisations to enhance their brand image, and this shouldn’t stop when specifying a fire doorset.

Of course, a fire doorset’s main purpose is to provide safety in the event of a fire, but that doesn’t mean it can’t become the striking feature of the room.

And that’s exactly the approach a corporate client of ours recently took.


American Black Walnut Timber Veneer

Formally the veneer of all exceptional 18th Century furniture, America Black Walnut has made a significant resurgence recently.

Its heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks, and its colour can sometimes have a grey, purple, or reddish cast.

What’s more, its sapwood can be pale yellow-grey to nearly white. Figured grain patterns such as curl, crotch, and burl are also seen, making it a veneer of many faces and characteristics.

The inconsistencies in this amazing veneer make it the consistency of expectation when using American Black Walnut veneer, and such a unique option for those seeking to think outside of the box.

Experimenting With Shape

Not content with this dazzling array, our client asked us to cut the veneers into trapezoids, scalene triangles and parallelograms to form a unique and positively stunning finished veneer.

No two doors will ever look identical. How great a unique corporate image can this be?

And this image is not limited to just veneers. In St Peters Square in Manchester, the lead architect, thier client, his contractor and our Directors laid out over two hundred solid American Black Walnut planks whilst the client selected how varied he could make his wall panelling. An afternoon playing with timber is an afternoon well spent.


At RW Joinery, we thrive on helping you achieve unique solutions for your clients. With a wide array of design and finish options, our experts will always help you to deliver on your creative visions.

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