RW Joinery Q-Mark Certification

RW Joinery Q-Mark Certification

Fire doors are vital pieces of safety equipment. They help prevent the spread of smoke and flames and protect escape routes giving people enough time to leave the building safely.

In the UK it is a legal requirement for all fire doors to meet strict safety standards. All fire door manufacturers must prove that their doors can resist the spread of flames for 30 minutes. Most manufacturers use third-party UKAS certified testing bodies to verify fire door performance.

But third-party testing has its limitations. It only tests a small sample of doors and is in no way a guarantee that the door will perform when needed. The quality of manufacturing processes is not inspected so there is nothing to stop a manufacturer from creating a set of doors to pass the test and then save money manufacturing substandard doors.

At RW Joinery we are committed to maintaining building safety standards. We know how important fire doors are to the safety of occupants so we never compromise on quality. That’s why we go one step further than standard third-party testing. All our manufacturing and installation services have been certified as part of the Q-Mark scheme.

What is Q-Mark?

Q-Mark was established to help promote quality and best practice in the timber and construction industry. The scheme carries out third-party testing to ensure new products meet performance specifications and regularly audits manufacturing processes to ensure products are manufactured to a consistently high standard.

Q-Mark is regarded as one of the most rigorous certification processes in the building and construction industry. It is a recognised and widely accepted standard which gives buyers the confidence they need when specifying vital safety equipment such as fire doors.

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RW Joinery has achieved Q-Mark certification in the following disciplines:

Q-Mark for fire door manufacture

Q-Mark fire door certification ensures that all our fire doors have been independently tested to ensure they meet strict fire performance parameters. It also ensures that our manufacturing processes have been audited to ensure the product is manufactured to a consistently high standard.

This gives buyers peace of mind that the product they install complies with the original specification. Q-Mark is also a mark of quality, so buyers can relax knowing their doors will perform consistently across their lifespan. This reduces maintenance costs and maximises service life.

Q-Mark for fire door installation

RW Joinery has also achieved Q-Mark certification for our fire door installation services. This ensures that fire door resistance capabilities are not compromised by poor installation. Professional installation also maximises the product’s service life and reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Using a Q-Mark certified installer also provides peace of mind that the contractor is suitably qualified to do the job. While supervising contractors and facilities managers benefit from knowing that the quality of all installation work is continually assessed by an independent body.

When it comes to fire doors you shouldn’t compromise on quality. Q-Mark certification proves that RW Joinery fire doors and installation services meet the highest standards. So don’t compromise the safety of occupants by choosing a sub-standard supplier. Get in touch with us today for more information about our range of Q-Mark certified fire doors and installation services.

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Trusted and Accredited Manufacturers

  • CHAS Accredited Contractor
  • BM Trada Q Mark Certification
  • Constructionline Gold Member 2018
  • BWF Membership Certificate 2020

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