Fire Doors at Manchester Met University Student Union

Working with Miller Construction Ltd to supply new doorsets and bespoke furnishings for the student union

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Project Details

Job Title: Manchester Metropolitan University Student Union.

Client: Miller construction Ltd. 

Value: £261,000

Programme: 8 weeks


Project Description

Creating an industrial look for the Manchester Met University student union by manufacturing and installing bespoke doorsets as well as reception desk, student bars and IT desks.

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Fire Doors at Manchester Met University Student Union - RW Joinery

The client wished to create an industrial look to this building whilst maintaining the functionality required from a student occupied building

We were initially contracted to supply laminate faced doorsets challenged by almost every doorset being bespoke in size and several exceeding the sizes to which we are limited by fire certification.

We worked with the client to achieve fire certification without many sacrifices to his full height doorsets.

Incorporated into our works package were several provisional sums. Released to us half way throughout our contract period during a particularly busy time of year we manufactured several reception desks, student bars, IT desks, brochure displays and bespoke kitchens during factory night shifts to get this project over on time.

The client was pleased with our efforts and high standard of finishes and has featured some of our work in their own early promotional literature. 




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