Doorsets and Bespoke Joinery at Riverside Place, Kendal

Working with Miller Construction Ltd, to supply and install doorsets and other associated joinery within the shopping centre

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Project Details

Job Title: Riverside Place, Kendal

Client: Miller Construction Ltd

Value: £2.2m

Programme: 40 weeks


Project Description

With an original brief of installing doorsets to over 150 apartments, it was then decided that RW Joinery would also manufacture external shop fronts and other bespoke joinery.

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Doorsets and Bespoke Joinery at Riverside Place, Kendal - RW Joinery

Our original brief was for the supply and installation of doorsets to 163 apartments and the associated joinery within the apartments and communal corridors of Riverside Place.

Upon our appointment we received further request to quote for the internal shop fronts and associated joinery within the shopping centres, including more doorsets, decorative fascia and corbels and shop name boards.

Our joinery package grew significantly and passed the £1,000,000 within weeks of starting.

Notwithstanding this growth we supported Miller Construction with additional labour to install all the external timber windows and quickly took over the management of this element also. Eventually we took over the manufacture and installation of the external shop fronts, decorative fascias and decorative joinery, bringing this joinery package in excess of £2,200,00.



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